QuInoa micro-peel concentrate serum

Aging skin easy dry & rough seriously. This formula contains quinoa extract, Moisturizing & conditioning skin, prevent skin aging, soothe and repair effects. DermalRx® SRC exclusive Biocogent technology, gentle, not irritating, quickly promote skin activation & ingredients absorption, refine skin and return youth. Mandelic acid balance of oily skin with oil secretion, improve skin to showing bright and shiny. Citric acid moisturizing, anti-ag ing, whitening effect, promotes keratin renewal, strengthen the skin protection. Add IPMP to remove old horniness and dirt from pores, leaving skin refreshed and without burden. Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate K2 effectively soothes skin discomfort, hydrates, repairs and plumps skin, strengthens epidermis and nourishs and brightens the skin.