Protective UV cream

Whitening CC cream, Foundation decorated Sunscreen gel and all kinds of functional isolation sunscreen cream.

Sun protection is important to maintain skincare. Ultraviolet light can easily and quickly let skin aging. Without sun protection, skin care will be greatly reduced.

Sun protection refers to use sunscreen to blocks or absorbs UV rays to prevent skin from being sunburned. Choose products with different SPF or PA values according to the specific items to achieve the purpose of sun protection.

■ SPF is a sunscreen indicator for UVB and also one of the most common sunscreen indicators. UVB mainly causes sunburn of the skin. This damage will appear in a short time, so it is relatively easy to test with human body. The higher SPF value that can protection time longer. For example, if Miss A sunburn time is 10 minutes under the sun, using SPF15 sunscreen can delay sunburn for 10 minutes × 15 times = 150 minutes.

■ PA (Protection Grade of UVA)

Different countries have different methods for expressing UVA. UVA can cause skin dermis layer damage, which is main cause of skin “black” and skin “aging”.

★ is FDA new UVA protection mark
★: 1 star is low degree of protection
★★: 2 stars is medium degree of protection
★★★: 3 stars is high degree of protection
★★★★: 4 stars is highest maximum protection

PA is the sun protection factor for UVA by Japan
PA+ means delaying 2~4 times suntanned time
PA++ means delaying 4~8 times suntanned time
PA+++ means delaying more than 8 times suntanned time

Sunscreen must be replenished for 2 to 3 hours, and indoors should be replenished for 4 hours
In addition to avoiding tanning, it can protect the skin from UV rays