Moisturizing and brightening body lotion

Multi-functional lotion with moisturizing and brightening, penetrates into the stratum corneum quickly, adds the active skin care ingredients ICHTYOCOLLAGEN and DERMALRX SRC, increases skin toughness, elasticity and maintain the best condition. At the same time, it also promotes keratin metabolism and improves uneven skin tone. With MULTIEX BSASM™, BISABOLOL and GLYTINON K2, soothes the discomfort skin and enhances skin defense. And combined with high effective moisturizing ingredients REVIDRATE and PENTAVITIN, will can lock the moisture on the surface of the skin and achieve an uninterrupted moisturizing effect. Solve skin trouble likes dry, wrinkle, dull, rough at the same time, Replenishes and locks water of skin for a long time that makes the skin elastic and soft, and creates a shiny and brightening skin.