Gold deep hydrating mask

The special ultra-luxury black gold foil mask uses a double-layered design mask sheet to create a perfect skin care and protective barrier. Infused with high-efficiency moisturizing and repairing essence, quickly penetrates into skin bottom layer to keeping the skin moisture. Add [NEUTRAZEN™ Soothing tri-peptide] Soothing tri-peptide [MULTIEX BSASM ™ herbal complex soothing essence] to enhance skin defense and restore skin natural luster and elasticity, with [TORNARE™ glycosylated Algae] and [VITAMIN B5] excellent moisturizing effect make skin rejuvenated and youthful. In conjunction with the high moisturizing ingredients [HYALURONIC ACID long-chain hyaluronic acid] and [HYALO-OLIGO short-chain hyaluronic acid], enhance skin hydrated and moisturized and comfortable, and restored skin to natural luster and elasticity. Just apply it for ten minutes, immediately show on the white and moisturized skin, keeping skin every inch maintained in the perfect state.