Facial oil

Essence oil, Essence capsule

Strengthening the skincare with essential oils has become a new trend, the repair effect of skin care products has been improved by 1+1 and more than 2.

■ Recommended six skincare methods of essence oil
1. One drop for soothing and relax: Used alone in the palm and warm up,then evenly massage the whole face to moist the skin and relax.
2. One drop for skincare upgrade: Blended with existing skin care product to enhance the moisture and penetration.
3. One drop for perfect makeup:Improved brighten and makeup, maintain moist and delicate makeup.
4. One drop for softening: Used essence oil on the make-up cotton, can soft keratin and metabolize keratin.
5. One drop for mask essence: Through the mask to strengthen essential oil into the skin, let the ingredients more deeper into the skin and achieve two-way satisfaction of oil and water.
6. One drop for universal essence oil: In addition to the basic skincare procedures, also can use like finger oil and body repair essential oil.