Facial cleansing

Cleansing water, Cleansing oil, Cleansing lotion, Cleansing cream, Cleansing gel, Cleansing facial gel, Moisturizing facial cleanser, Acne cleanser, Amino acid facial cleanser and various functional cleaning products.

If you want to have beautiful skin, don’t neglect to remove makeup and clean face. Thorough cleaning is the first step in skin care. If the face is not clean enough, the pores are easy to obstruct and cause skin allergy and stimulate, even with use more best skin care products will be halved. A variety of cleansing products can be designed for your requirement.

How to choose the right makeup remover
1. Cleansing oil – fast, convenient, best makeup remover, suitable for heavy makeup.
2. Cleanser – moisturizing, general makeup and isolation makeup apply.
3. Cleansing water – texture is refreshing and not sticky, suitable for nude makeup, eyes and lips.
4. Remove gel – remove makeup and dirt on the face, wash face and remove makeup at the same time.

How to choose the right cleaning product
1. Dry skin: Avoid to use facial cleansing soap. Suitable for cleansers and cleansing gel.
2. Sensitive skin: Stratum corneum is usually slight, you can choose amino acid facial cleanser and cleansing mousse.
3. Oily skin or acne-type skin: use mild, medium-clean facial soap and saponified cleanser, and the increase of washing times .